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The rate for our Premium Parasail Ride is only $85.
Yes. If you have a group of 6 or more parasailers, we take off an additional $5 off each parasailer. If you have a group of 10 or more parasailers, we take an additional $10 off each parasailer. Group discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.
We are open for parasailing every day! We parasail by reservations starting at 8:00 a.m. and run until our last reservation. We are available to take reservations daily starting at 8 a.m. Call or email for reservations anytime. You may also book online 24 hours a day.
Yes. We call that our tandem ride(2) or triple ride(3) and each person gets their own harness and life jackets and are attached to a tandem or triple bar to fly side by side. Most flights are tandem or triple. These flights allow for the maximum time in the air. However, the ultimate decision is made by the captain once he sees the combined weight of the people and the conditions (winds, seas, etc.) at the time of the reservation.
If you fly by yourself, the ride is 6-8 minutes from the time you leave the deck, 10 minutes if you fly tandem, and 12-14 minutes if you fly triple.
If we have a full boat of 12 parasailers, everyone will go out and take turns parasailing and then come back in. It takes about 60-90 minutes from dock to dock with a full boat of twelve.
Generally not. However, for tandem or triple rides it ultimately depends on the conditions (winds, seas, etc.) at the time of your reservation. The captains make the final decision.
Ages 5 to 105 can fly with us. If you can sit, you can parasail. With children, the younger or lighter parasailers will go up with an older sibling, friend or adult for more weight in the parasail.
Generally you get 300 - 400ft in the air. However, if you want to stay lower, just talk to the captain before you leave the deck. You definitely get a nice view of the keys.
Yes. Usually we take reservations a few days in advance. We need a valid credit card number to secure the reservation. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not show up for your reservation there is a charge of $25 per flyer to the card. You can make a reservation as early as a week in advance.
No. The rates are the same for adults and kids since we are limited to 12 people per reservation.
Yes, you are welcome to bring your camera or video camera with you on the boat. We are not responsible however if your camera gets wet during the trip. We only allow waterproof or disposable cameras to be taken up in the flight for obvious reasons.
*** We do offer a photo package on board the boat. We take approximately 30 pictures of your parasail flight with our professional digital camera with a high powered zoom lens. We give you the reusable digital photo card at the end of the trip to take home and download to your computer or develop the pictures at your convenience.
We are limited to 12 people per reservation. However, if there are not 12 parasailers, we can take observers. The cost for an observer is $35 for the boat ride. If we do get other parasailers for that reservation, observers will be bumped and they can go to the beach and watch. (Usually in July and August there is NO room for observers. We cannot make ANY guarantees that observers will be allowed on the boat.)
No. Anytime is great, except during a lightning storm.
Swim suit, T-shirt and shoes you can easily slip off and leave at the dock before loading the boat.
No. We have a custom built parasail boat with a platform on the back. It’s a dry take off and dry landing on the back of the platform. However, if you want to get wet, you can request to be dipped.
Give us a call if you are questioning whether or not we are going out. The captains will decide if the conditions are suitable for parasailing. We do not parasail when there is lightning or in high winds and rough seas. We still parasail when it’s overcast/cloudy and in light, passing rain. If we know before your reservation that we are not operating we will give you a call.